Our academy has an ideal: to use sport as a way to bring people together breaking barriers and prejudices.


Throughout the world, sport is used as a form of social integration, each project with its own goal.

The Tree of Life - BJJ academy seeks to create mixed classes between young Jews and Arabs so they can get to know each other through the practice of jiu jitsu.

The reality of Jerusalem presents us with a series of daily challenges. One of them is to seek the rapprochement between young Jews and Arabs who, despite sharing the same physical space, live separated by walls, some physical some social.

We believe that jiu jitsu is an excellent tool for overcoming these walls. In a city where part of the inhabitants speaks Hebrew and another speaks Arabic, jiu jitsu will be the common language between them.

And the language of jiu jitsu is through the use of the body as leverage, without kicks or punches, but with techniques that allow the development of the sense of the physical boundaries of practitioners. We learn to deal with adverse situations and to know our physical limits and the limits of our opponents during the training.

The practice of self-defense strengthens the self-confidence of the participant, who ceases to use violence as a way of solving the problems of daily life. We strengthen ourselves physically and mentally so we can meet and debate with those who think differently.

The didactics used during the training also seeks to strengthen the relationships among practitioners, encouraging cooperation and information exchange of the technique and personal experiences.

The results sought, in addition to learning the technique, aim to integrate the participants allowing the deconstruction of prejudices and the construction of mutual trust.

Sport can and should be used as a tool for social transformation and jiu jitsu is our method.