Marcos Gorinstein

Marcos Gorinstein is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt graduated by Master Vinicius Aieta of Gracie Tijuca Academy, a branch of the Gracie Humaita Academy in Rio de Janeiro.


Marcos, Started practicing jiu jitsu in 1996 when he was 16 with Marcelo Machado, his first coach. Throughout the years had the chance to learn in one of the best jiu jitsu academies in Rio de Janeiro. Great figures in the jiu jitsu world were also formed at this academy, under the same philosophy.


After four years in Europe, he moved to Israel in 2010 and kept training at Gracie Humaita, in the Israeli branch with professor Moshe Kaitz, from whom he received his brown belt.


Four years ago, after getting the certificate from the Wingate Institute, Marcos started teaching brazilian jiu jitsu to children, teenagers and adults.


In october 2015, in Brazil, he was promoted to black belt from the hand of his master Vini Aieta.


For more than 20 years jiu jitsu has been part of his life. Once you fall in love with the technique it´s impossible to leave it.


Marcos has a B.A. in Social Sciences and a M.A. in Social Service at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. A Certificate Studies in International Relation at the University of London and is currently a M.A student at the Roman and Latin America Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Master Vinicius Aieta

Vinicius Aieta started training jiu jitsu Rilion Gracie in 1985. When Rilion moved to Florianopolis in southern Brazil, Vini began training with Royler Gracie, receiving from him his black belt in 1995. In 1996 Vini started coaching at Gracie Tijuca, becoming head coach a few years later.


From 1996 to 1999, alongside Saulo Ribeiro (who was also a coach at Gracie Tijuca), he formed many important fighters and Gracie Tijuca became a reference in the brazilian jiu jitsu world. He also teaches private lessons at the Gracie Humaita HQ.


Vini is known for his vast knowledge of techniques. His students call him an “encyclopedia” of jiu jitsu, always finding a gentle way to get through rough situations during a fight.

In an interview for an online jiu jitsu magazine he defined his teaching method: “I never focused my work on forming athletes because it is natural. My main goal is to teach students who are not athletes to defend themselves”

Master Royler Gracie

Son of the Grandmaster Helio Gracie holds a 7th degree coral belt (red/black) in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He also holds a black belt in Judo. As a member of the Gracie family, jiu jitsu can be found in his DNA.


Royler competed in the black-belt ranks for more than 20 years. Is also a four-time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, three-time ADCC World Championship champion and twice pan-american champion.


Royler was for many years the Head Coach of the Gracie Humaita HQ in Rio de Janeiro with his brother Rolker and also formed many champions.


In 2000, Royler moved to San Diego in California, where he runs a jiu jitsu academy and often travels around the world promoting seminars and disseminating the art around the world.

Grandmaster Hélio Gracie


Hélio Gracie with his brother Carlos Gracie, founded the martial art of Gracie jiu-jitsu developing the Japanese art in a way that gives weak people a chance to a fair fight.


Hélio Gracie was born in Belém do Pará, northern Brazil on October 1, 1913. His older brother, Carlos, trained Judo with Conde Koma, a Japanese master who moved to Brazil. Hélio never practiced until the age of 16, but always watched his brother’s classes.


In 1929, already in Rio de Janeiro, Hélio debuted in the world of the martial arts. Carlos was late to a private lesson and Hélio taught the student instead. After the class the student told Carlos that he wanted to have classes with Hélio.


Hélio realized that some of the techniques were hard for him to execute because of his physical attributes and along with Carlos he developed the technique which is now called the Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Hélio fought 20 times and had 10 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses.


Died in Rio 29th of january of 2009 at the age of 95.